Lingopie Video Features

Modified on Sun, 07 May 2023 at 10:58 AM

Check our latest blog post: All the information about our features

Here are some helpful hints to make learning with Lingopie more fun, useful, and effective.  

Slow down the video - You can slow down by clicking on the button in the bottom right-hand corner.
Auto-loop the subtitles – To practice certain words, you can automatically replay the sentence over again by clicking on the auto-loop icon in the video player while you are watching.

Auto-pause after each subtitle – You can auto-pause the video after each sentence and restart the video easily just by clicking on the video player screen anywhere and it will continue to play.

Review clicked words with flashcards – To practice words that you clicked on, you can review these words with Lingopie's built-in Flashcards. Each and every word is shown with a video snippet from the location where the word appeared in context.

Turn English subtitles on or off - For a challenge you can also remove the English subtitles, it's up to you.

Say It! - This feature allows you to record yourself repeating the video caption, test your pronunciation and get instant feedback with a score. It’s an awesome and fun way to practice your speaking.

Mashup -  This feature will concentrate on teaching only one word per sentence, it automatically chooses the most difficult/important word of the sentence. It will be available in selected episodes. 

Quizzes - After having clicked on 5 words, you will be able to test your knowledge.

Leaderboard - Watch your progress and earn points as you watch and check out what's your ranking. You can earn XP (points) by watching 1 min: 10 XP, clicking 1 word: 1 XP, learning 1 word earn 2 XP.

Words to learn - Upcoming wordlist of the most frequent words for each video we recommend you to go over and learn during your watch session. They will be also underlined in the subtitles.

TV Lexicon - A video dictionary where you can look up words as they appear in TV scenes, is a great way to make the learning process fun and incorporate vocabulary in context.

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